Artist's Statement

     I am continuously searching for the best way to convey the ideas that I have about myself and the world I live in. The works are not limited to one medium or style. Not all things that exist are visible or as apparent as to how they first appear. I am interested in the curious nature of what lies beyond our visible reality.
     Uncertainty shapes our human experience. Plans for the future can materialize in a myriad of different ways and the unexpected is always possible. 
     The present is the influx of senses we experience at this moment. Memories of the past can spontaneously erupt into our present triggering specific questions and emotions. These triggers can act as clues, inviting us to discover new insights, guiding us to a new process of understanding.
     My work brings together ordinary, everyday objects that together open up new dialogues. Each work is created from an extension of the past experience as well as a preview of the future. These works portray a psychological reality that is often hidden. They can be read as works that comment on a personal reality as well as suggesting larger societal and political narratives.